RoboUniCats is free to play MMORPG based on blockchain technologies.

All Characters and Items are Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), with uniq characteristics and you can trade it on marketplace.

NFTs in RoboUniCats not just an image like in other crypto games, it is real 3D game with high quality graphics, based on cutting edge JS WebGL libraries.

You can play a game right in your browser, no need to install any client at all, just open your browser and start a game.

The Kingdom of 3 Moons

Once upon a time, a race of wizards lived on the planet. All existed in peace and harmony, but there appeared a group of renegade wizards who decided to seize power - to take the power of the moon by performing a special ritual. But as a result of an error in calculation, the moon broke into 3 pieces, and a hail of shards spilled over the Earth.

And where large shards fell, Dragons were born.

The wizard race died out and the beasts mutated. Three intelligent races appeared: Robots, Unicorns and Cats.

The world has a very short day, each race receives magical energy from its moon. Every few years when 3 full moons appear in the sky and occupy a certain position, dragons awaken and the bravest heroes go out to defend the Kingdom.





Game process

In RoboUniCats, after creating a hero, the real journey begins, as you collect in-game resources, craft weapon, equipment, potions, and take on monsters and other players to gain experience points and level up your hero using any weapon you like.

Completing Player-versus-Player (PVP) and Player-versus-Environment (PVE) objectives reward players with Items, Coins and Shards.

RoboUniCats features guilds, towns and so many more features that make this particular game interesting.


Outside of the town territories, players will find wilderness zones. These zones will contain rare resources that are not available in town territories.

They will also contain “world bosses” that can be fought either solo or in a group. Players will not be able to fight each other in town zones.

In wilderness zones, players will be able to kill each other.

When a player attacks monsters or other players – they are transported to a 'copy map' where the fighting takes place. Once a fight begins, no other players may join that fight. Players use a series of spells (which are unique to that character) to, amongst other effects, attack, heal, buff. In combat if a character loses all of their health points (HP) they're rendered dead.

Shards and the Temple

Shard is a piece of The Moon from the beginning of the times, it can be dropped from strong monsters and given as rewards for completing quests.

If Player have few shards he can try to upgrade some of his Hero initial characteristics (Str, Agi, Int, HP, Mana) in the Temple, only 3 attempts for each Hero and Item. Also if you want to improve your chances to upgrade you items level to rare you need Shards. More shards - more chances to have better results


Renat Akhmadishin

CEO, Senior Software Engineer

Dmitry Lyakhov

Documentation, Software Engineer

Olga Luzyakina

Art and Design,

Dmitry Popov

Design and Music, Designer